Our Commitment to Quality

What we don't do is roast cheap coffee and heavily flavor it with artificial flavors and put it on a shelf for 6 months. The companies that do this have to use a large amount of fake flavoring to cover up the poor quality coffee and the artificial flavoring will successfully last for 6-18 months. This is a successful product. It sells for $9.99 all over the place and sells like crazy.

It does not sell to specialty grade coffee drinkers who usually won't buy flavored coffee - because they like good coffee. This is what Holy Grind is offering. It is a different, fairly unique thing. Our success with this has caused more small roasters to start doing it.

We take a blend of single origin specialty grade beans (They are great per-flavoring). We then roast it to order and hand flavor each bag while the beans are still warm. We use all natural flavoring to add a hint of flavor.